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You will purrr reading this heartwarming story.

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five star review

Love this story!

Bought this to give to a daughter of a friend in Costa Rica. She loved the story. Wanted me to reread it over and over. She named her newest stuffed animal Powell!

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five star review

A cat-egorically fun book for kids and cat lovers!

A well written and well illustrated book about an Oregon cat who hosts an exchange cat from Norway. Kids will love the storyline and parents will love the great lessons about the importance of new friendships, travel and exploration. I wonder what is next on Powell the cats agenda?

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five star review

Such a thoughtful and cute read!

My boys love the adventures of Powell - what a creative author with exceptional writing. A sure win for your family!

About the Book

Powell, a Maine Coon cat from Oregon, hosts Bjorn, a foreign exchange cat from Norway. Transitioning from an indoor kitty to an outdoor Oregon explorer, Powell takes the reader through the journey of a lifetime.

The two kitties teach each other their customs while becoming fast friends. In the evenings, Powell and Bjorn visit some of the beautiful forests in Oregon and make new friends along the way.

Not only will your children love hearing about the kitties' adventures, they will also learn some fun facts about cats and forests.

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Our Goals

  • ➨ Share a wonderful story about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Powell.
  • ➨ Fill Free Little Libraries with our book.
  • ➨ And finally, sit on the floor of some local libraries and read our story to children.

If you have a Free Little Library in your neighborhood, Powell and I would be tickled pink if you popped one of our books in it!

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About the Author
(and Powell)

Welcome to!

We hope that you will enjoy reading Powell and the Foreign Exchange Cat. Please use the Amazon link to order a copy or two. We hope you will help us realize our dream of free little libraries having a copy of Powell and the Foreign Exchange Cat.

Powell was adopted by Victoria in 2017, when he was 5 years old, through Meow Village. His original mama unexpectedly passed away leaving Powell needing a new mama to take care of him. Victoria believes that Powell rescued her right back and filled her heart with love the moment she met him. Victoria now volunteers for Meow Village.

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Special Thanks

The book was illustrated by Elsa Yadrichinsky.

She lives in the Northwest part of Russia. She has been freelance illustrating for several years and is also a cat lover. She has two Maine Coons at home named Puma and Lynx. Elsa creates illustrations, portraits, cartoons and more.

Be sure to checkout her other works on Amazon.

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Meow Village is an ‘all volunteer’ 501(c)3 non-profit based in Aurora, Oregon.

Learn more about Meow Village by visiting their website.